About us

Hey fellow moms,

I’m Naomi Lawrence, a mother of 2 — Charlotte (6) and Oliver (3)

I also lead a team of Writers at Infantlist.

And trust me;

As a mom, I have experienced a lot. I have seen, heard, and felt all a mom could ever feel. And with my experience, I can boldly say that the parenting journey isn’t easy — especially if you’re a first-time mom.

As a mom, You’d get to do things you’ve never done before. In short, a whole new set of responsibilities. The fact is, stay strong because you must overcome many challenges along the way.


Don’t panic. You’ve got Infantlist. You will Never Walk Alone.

I started Infantlist with the desire to share with you my parenting Hacks, Tips, and BEST baby products reviews (to help you save money and time).

At Infantlist, expect us to share with you, expert advice on how to buy the best products for your little adorable. We spend many hours researching, analyzing, and testing products to recommend the best picks for you.

Whatever product you need for your little adorable, you can always rely on us to guide you through selecting the best. And also ensure that your selection tallies with your little adorable’s specific requirements.

And unlike most of the review websites out there, we ONLY make honest & independent recommendations.

Welcome to Infantlist