Are Manual Breast pumps better than electric?

Are Manual Breast pumps better than electric?

There has been much debate on which type of breast pump to use as a nursing mother and which is preferable and healthy for both mother and the growing baby. In this article of Are Manual Breast pumps better than electric?we would give you workable solutions of the breast pumps that work better for you and your new growing baby without stress.

What is a Breast Pump?

According to Wikipedia, a breast pump is a device that lactating mothers use in extracting milk from their breasts. They may be manual devices powered manually or foot movements or automatic devices powered by electricity.

A breast pump can be used in the following areas:

  • They can be used for breastfeeding mothers who cannot supply breast milk or those who have not given birth yet.
  • It can also address inadequacy in women which includes difficulties in latching, separation from a newborn baby in intensive care, feeding a newborn who cannot extract sufficient milk itself from the breast, avoiding passing medication through breast milk to the infant, or relieving overstuffing and also a painful condition where the breast is overfull

There are two types of breast pumps which includes

  • Manual Breast Pump:

This is done and operated by squeezing a handle in a repetitive manner, allowing the holder to directly maneuver through the pressure and frequency of milk expression. A manual breast pump can be small and less expensive and can require extra effort and can be stressful because the user provides all the power.


  • Electric Breast Pump:

A motor that supplies suction through plastic powers this tubing to a horn that fits over the nipple. Someone must properly disinfect the part of the pump that comes in direct contact with the expressed milk to prevent contamination and infections. This pump provides more suction and making the pumping process faster and allows the user to pump both breasts at the same pace.


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 Which is better manual pump or electric?

In the discussion, Are Manual Pumps better than Electric? Basically, electric breast pumps often present stronger suction and fast pumping because they have access to a power source. Most of the electric breast pumps will offer diverse pumping modes which would be an expression and massage mode to the nursing mother so they can have a pumping experience.

An electric breast pump is the best choice for women who express exclusively. This is because it is quicker than a manual pump. Thus allowing the nursing mother to store more breastmilk in a shorter space of time. It is also a perfect match for mothers who need time in the workplace and have limited time to do so. However, for women who give breast milk occasionally, an electric breast pump may not be necessary but a manual breast pump.

Do you get more breast milk with a Manual Breast Pump?

The body system of every woman is different, the reason being that some find out that they can get more milk output when using a manual pump. However, the question “do you get more breast milk with a manual pump?” is very delicate. This is because getting more breast milk with a manual breast pump is quite strenuous for the mother, who is trying to get the breast milk into the pump.

 Is an Electric breast pump painful?

Electric breast pump seems to be the fastest way of getting breast milk from breastfeeding mothers. However, as we regard it as the fastest way, it is also painful. As a first-time mom, there are possibilities you will suffer a painful effect in your body compared to manual breast pumps. After using the pump, we advise that you rest for about 30 minutes to 1 hour after the suction process. Also, you will have to take a lot of multivitamins would have to be taken or fruit to supplement the lost nutrients from the nursing mother.


 How long should I pump with a manual pump?

Every nursing mother is different and might have more or less breast milk for their newborn child and may empty the breast faster or slower. However, Dr. Farid says that “you will need to pump two to three hours (even at night) for about 15 to 25 minutes in order to empty the breast.” Basically, this is for moms who are pumping exclusively.

Does pumping cause sagging?

There have been some common doubts that have popped up in the minds of every pregnant woman or nursing mother that the use of breast pumps causes sagging. Therefore, if you are a new mother or you are planning to use breast pumps and you are thinking about whether it will cause your breast to sag, this portion of the article would help allay your fears.

According to Dr. Geetika, “it is a common misconception that breastfeeding or the use of breast pumps causes breast sagging and it is not true. It is only when the nursing mother fails to wear a quality bra while breastfeeding that breast sag”. Also, he said that lack of exercise and not taking proper care of the body and can lead to breast sagging. However, by wearing a good-quality bra and eating a proper diet, you can keep your breast in shape after breastfeeding. As far as the use of breast pumps is concerned, it does not cause breast sagging.


Conclusion: Are Manual Breast pumps better than electric?

Knowing how to use a breast pump can make your life more comfortable, whether you are an office mother or outside of your child’s range of reach, the breast pump can always come to your rescue. In addition, exercise will help you give your breasts a proper fitting.


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