Are Sleep Sacks Safe for Newborns

Are Sleep Sacks Safe for Newborns

As a mother and writer, it appears I have heard all questions that might be associated with getting a baby to sleep through the night. Surprisingly, I get one question more often than the others. This is “Are sleep sacks safe for Newborns?” In fact, this is one of the major reasons I wrote an article on this subject.

Therefore, in this article of are sleep sacks safe for newborns, I will discuss expressly if sleep sacks are safe for babies. Asides from this, I will also answer some related frequently asked questions to the subject.

What is a sleep sack?

This session benefits first-time moms, or expectant moms. Basically, sleep sacks are wearable blankets. They have several features that enable you to use them as a swaddle. Most of the time they come with the hand and arm free, torso, feet, and legs. Using a sleep sack is very helpful as it helps keeps your baby warm and secure through the night. But, are they really safe? This is because not all baby items that are beneficial are safe. Therefore, to find out if they are safe and wearable for your newborn, continue reading this article.


Can Newborns Wear Sleep Sack

The answer is, yes. Sleep sacks are generally safe for newborns to sleep in. This is because they design them in such a way that your baby’s arm, hips, and legs are able to move when he or she rolls over. However, we advise against wearing a sleep sack with swaddle attachments for your baby, most especially when he or she starts to roll over on their own. This can be catastrophic as your baby could be entrapped in the swaddle when he or she rolls over.

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Can sleep sacks cause SIDS?

According to research in 1998, they discovered that sleep sacks reduced the possibilities of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome by 65%. So, the question is “Are their chances of sleep sacks causing SIDS?”

The answer to this is that sleep sacks are safe sleeping items. However, the fact that they are safe does not mean they can’t harm your baby if they are not used appropriately. For example, we mentioned that it is unsafe to use a sleep sack with swaddle attachments. This can entrap your child, thus causing suffocation.

Asides from the above, it is important that you ensure that your baby’s sleep environment is 100% safe at all times. Additionally, always ensure to check up on your child as much as possible when he or she is in the crib.

At what age can a baby sleep in a swaddle?

The fact is, we cannot really give a specific age a child can sleep in a swaddle. This is because timing will surely vary for all babies. However, from experience and research, I can advise that this milestone can happen anywhere between 4-5months.

Therefore, we can safely conclude that your child can sleep in a swaddle at 5 months. However, it is important to note that, sleeping in a swaddle isn’t the most important thing. The safety of your baby is. Therefore, ensure to keep him or her safe at all times.

Conclusion: Are Sleep Sacks Safe for Newborns

I believe by now, you should be able to agree that sleep sacks are safe for newborns. They are a healthy sleep item, but if misused can cause great harm. Therefore, ensure that your baby’s safety is your number 1 priority at all times. Most cases of SIDs are due to parent’s negligence or lack of care. Therefore, ensure that you use the sleep sack correctly to guarantee the safety of your baby at all times.

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