Best Baby Carrier for Hip Dysplasia


best baby carrier for hip dysplasia

Best baby carrier for hip dysplasia is a carrier that allows you to carry your baby in an ergonomic position or the M position. 

These carriers are designed to provide the best support for you and your baby. Also, they help reduce strain on your baby’s hip joint and spine. The International Hip Dysplasia Institute recommends these carriers for babies.

However, getting these carriers can be dicey if you don’t carry out proper research. This is because there are a lot of baby carriers in the market which does not possess some key features expected of a carriage system. 

“A carrier is a carrier,” a mom said. The fact is, this is not true. There are lots of unhealthy carriers out there. And the last thing you would ever want to do is purchase any of this for your little adorable.

To help you avoid this costly mistake which could be detrimental to the health of your adorable, we have put together a list of the best baby carrier for hip dysplasia.

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The Best Baby Carrier for Hip Dysplasia are:


What is hip dysplasia?

Hip dysplasia is also known as DHH (Developmental Dysplasia of the Hip) is a condition in infants, where the hip socket does not cover the aspect of the upper thigh bone. This results in the hip joint being partly or fully dislocated. 

What are the signs of hip dysplasia in babies?

When you notice your baby exhibit some of these symptoms. He or she might have hip dysplasia.

The symptoms are:

  •  The folds on the butt of your baby will appear irregular
  • One leg will be longer than the other on the side of the affected hip
  • The space between the legs of your baby will be longer than the other.

What are the causes of hip dysplasia in a baby?

According to various research, the major causes of hip dysplasia is unknown. However, it is a popular belief that hip dysplasia develops when a child is born or after birth. Hence, the reason they call it the Developmental Dysplasia of the hip.

Here are some likely causes:

  • The womb increasing the pressure on the baby’s hips
  • Genetic Inheritance from parent
  • Misalignment or dislocation of the hip bone.
  • The positioning of the baby hips during the first few months of birth


Can Baby Carrier cause hip dysplasia?

No proven evidence attributes hip dysplasia to baby carriers. However, there is a shred of evidence that shows that carrying your baby on the body contributes immensely to the development of his or her hips. This, however, is in your baby’s first six months of life.

Even though carriers do not cause hip dysplasia, they can be a contributing factor. On that note, when choosing a baby carrier, select carriers that support your babysitting in a frog or M position. In this position, your baby’s knees are bent and higher than his butt.

Can you use a baby carrier with a Pavlik harness?

Pavlik harness is a soft splint majorly used for treating infants with DHH. It allows your baby to sit in the frog or M position with knees bent and thighs apart. 

You can carry your baby in a carrier with the Pavlik harness. However, you must avoid swaddling at all cost. Also, ensure that your baby’s legs are free and avoid tight-fitting clothes.

Best baby carrier for hip dysplasia

What are the factors to consider when choosing the best baby carrier for hip dysplasia?

  • Ergonomic Design:

The health of your little adorable should always be your priority. An ergonomic carrier possesses enough space to allow you to babysit in the frog Or M-like position. In this carrier, your baby can swing his or her feet freely without restrictions. 

  • Maximum and minimum weight support: 

Your choice of the carrier must feature a minimum weight requirement of 3.5kg and a maximum of 14-20kg. If your baby’s weight is outside the specified weight for the carrier, it will cause great discomfort to your baby.

  • Ease of use:

 No parent wants to use a difficult to use carrier. On that note, ensure that your choice of a carrier should feature an easy-to-use fastener and straps. Also, it must come with an instructional manual.     

  •  Versatility

 Who doesn’t want great value for money? When choosing a carrier for dysplasia, your choice of baby carrier for dysplasia must feature at least three carrying positions—Inward facing, outward, and hip carry.


 Top 5 Best Baby Carrier for hip Dysplasia?

1) Ergobaby Adapt Ergonomic Multi-Position Baby Carrier with Cool Air Mesh (7-45 Pounds), Onyx Black 

best baby carrier for hip dysplasia


  The International Hip Dysplasia Institute approved baby carrier, supports carrying your baby in the M or frog position to promote hip development.

 Also, it features enough room for your baby’s leg. The Ergobaby carrier adapts to your growing baby as it supports growth for up to 48 months.

To aid your comfortability, this carrier features padded lumbar back support, which you can use in two ways; regular or crossed shoulder. It also has a waist belt that you can wear in a high or low position for improved comfortability.

For your baby, they designed the carrier with soft 100 percent cotton which makes your baby cozy. It is also vented to keep your baby cooler during summer.          

Furthermore, they add the UPF hood feature to the carrier to protect your baby from sunlight and also privacy when the need arises to breastfeed your baby.

The carrier features a multi-carrier option that allows you to carry your baby in three unique positions; the front, back, or hip. It also allows you to customize to fit. It can accommodate easily small to larger bodies.

     What we like:

  • It is highly comfortable
  • It has 3 carry positions
  • Ergonomic design
  • Good for babies with dysplasia
  • You can customize it to fit.
  • Minimum weight recommendation of 7 pounds (3.17kg)
  • Supports machine wash


What we don’t like:

  • It has no newborn insert

2)  Baby Tula Explore Baby Carrier 7-45 lb. Adjustable Newborn to Toddler Carrier.

best baby carrier for hip dysplasia

As earlier stated, versatility is an important feature to look out for when selecting the best baby carrier for dysplasia. To support this claim, they design this carrier with 6 carry position; the front baby carrier, the front carry toddler, the forward-facing, the backward carry, and the back carry a toddler.

 Also, it features variable width settings that allow you to use the carrier through your baby growth stage from an infant to early toddlerhood.

Furthermore, for maximum comfort, the carrier features a padded and adjustable neck pillow. You can use this in original positions to provide maximum support to the head and neck of your baby. The padded leg opening will guarantee your baby’s security and comfort at all times.

The Baby Tula comes with a padded shoulder pad, which provides you with maximum neck and shoulder comfort. It can be easily adjusted for different wearers. Unlike several other carriers in the market, it comes with a waistband that helps disperse the weight around the carrier.

In the addition to the aforementioned, this carrier possesses a removable hood that your baby can use to sleep. You can use it as a means of privacy when you need to breastfeed your baby.

What we like

  • Ergonomic design. 
  • It has a waistband pocket for storage                                                           
  • One size fits all carrier
  • Good for baby’s with dysplasia                                                                                                                     
  •  Decent price
  • 6 positions carry. 
  •  Comes with a babyhood
  • Minimum and maximum weight requirement of 7lbs (3kg) and 45lbs (20kg)

What we don’t like

  • The shoulder strap is very padded.

3) BABYBJÖRN New Baby Carrier One 2019 Edition, Cotton, Grey/Powder Pink

best baby carrier for hip dysplasia


The Babybjörn product has been around for many years and we know them for the production of quality and durable products.

This carrier has been certified by The International Hip Dysplasia as hip-healthy and safe for your baby. This means that the infant carrier supports good hip development and also gives the right support to your child’s hip. It also features a fully adjustable zipper that you can use to change the width of the car seat to fit your baby.

The carrier features adjustable head support, which allows for easy adjustability and also provides the right support to your baby. The waist belt that comes with this carrier is wide and sturdy, and it provides for maximum comfortability during use.

Furthermore, it comes with a windproof carrier. This allows you to use the carrier in wet, cold, and windy weather. Also, it features a bib that has a waterproof membrane. The bib helps keep your baby carrier dry and moisture-free.

What we like

  •  Easily adjustable
  •  Sturdy design
  •  Comes with a waterproof bib
  • Supports good hip development
  • Can be customized to fit

What we don’t like

  • No provision for an infant insert

4) Ergobaby Carrier, Omni 360 All Carry Positions Baby Carrier with Cool Air Mesh

best baby carrier for hip dysplasia

 The Ergobaby baby carrier manufacturers are known for their stylish designs and durable products.

The Omni 360 is specifically crafted to grow with your baby. It grows with your baby from when he or she is a newborn to a toddler i.e. (0-48 months). Also, it features all carry positions. This means that the carrier allows you to carry in the inward, front, outward, hip, and back carry.

It has enough room, and it allows your baby comfortable to sit in the M position. The soft and breathable mesh feature provides for ultimate airflow and breathability.

Furthermore, to aid comfortability, they design this carrier with a lumbar support waist belt. The waist belt has two adjusters which aid easy tightening to ensure maximum protection of your little adorable. It also provides you with the support you need to prevent back pain.

When out with your baby, you might need to carry some needed items. On that note, the carrier features a removable pouch. The pouch is washable, and it will be easy to accommodate the basic items you need.

The one carrier fits all can be easily customized to fit any body size. Hence, you need not worry if you have a petite or large body. All you need to do is adjust the carrier to fit.

     Also, to protect your baby against the sun, the carrier has a UPF 50+ hood. This hood can also be used for privacy when you need to breastfeed your baby.

What we like:

  • Good for baby’s with dysplasia
  •  Good for the money
  • Versatile carrier with ALL carry position
  • Good for small and big babies
  • Ergonomic design

What we don’t like

  • The clip gives over time

5) Miamily Hipster plus 3D Forward-Facing Baby Carrier. 

best baby carrier for hip dysplasia

Following the IHDI (International Hip Dysplasia Institute) guideline, they design the Miamily carrier to ensure that your baby is sitting in the M or jockey position. This allows for proper hip development. Also, it features a wide hip base that allows your baby’s hip to rest in a healthy position.

The problem with a lot of carriers out there is zero consideration for weight distribution. To effectively allow weight distribution across your hip and shoulders, they feature lumbar support. This support also helps you to avoid back pain when carrying your baby in the carrier.

Versatility is key. This carrier provides you with 6 carry options which you can improve to 9 with the single strap, which they sell separately.

The fit all shape and size feature of the carrier allows for your baby support from when he or she is a toddler to 4 years old. More precisely when they weigh around 44 pounds.

To aid the comfortability of your baby, the carrier features a dual-layer. This layer ensures extra cooling or warmth in summer and wintertime. Also, for storage of your essential baby items when on the go, it features extra storage.

What we like       

  •  The carrier has an infant insert
  • Good for baby’s with dysplasia
  • Made with quality material
  • Supports carrying in 9 unique positions
  •  Dual-layer for extra warmth and cooling
  • Fits all shapes and size
  • It provides maximum comfort
  • What we don’t like
  • It does not have a babyhood

Final Verdict on the best baby carrier for hip dysplasia

The Baby Tula Explore Baby Carrier comes on top of our list as the best carrier for hip dysplasia. It is approved by the International Hip Dysplasia Institute; it features an ergonomic design, and it is versatile and secure. In short, it meets all requirements the best baby carrier for hip dysplasia must possess.

The Ergobaby Carrier, Omni 360 All Carry Positions Baby Carrier is also good. It comes with an amazing position carry. Also, it fits perfectly into our requirements of a good carrier for hip dysplasia.


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