Best Baby Monitor for Long distance (2021)


Best baby monitor for long distanceBest Baby Monitor for Long distance

Baby monitors are every mom’s perfect help in times of need. It allows you to keep watch of your baby wherever you are from time to time. In fact, with a baby monitor, you do not miss any moment of your baby’s activities.

However, these monitors come with different range limits. This range limits basically have to do with how far they can transmit. And, the implication of this is that once you are out of the specified range, you will lose coverage of your baby’s activities. This means you may not stay longer in the garage, or backyard if they do not carve your baby monitor out for long distances.

Fortunately, to overcome this limitation, and also to give you the flexibility of monitoring your child wherever you are, the long distance baby monitors were designed. These monitors can cover up to about 700-1500 ft. of distance. This means you won’t have the problem of getting out of range when in your backyard or garage. In fact, if you have a big house, these monitors are the best for you.

To help you in selecting the best baby monitor for long range or distance, we have put together a list of the best baby monitor carved out for long distances. We selected these monitors to make our list after several hours of testing and research. This means you can be sure they will meet up with your long distance needs.


In a Hurry?

The Best Baby Monitor for long distance are:

  • HeimVision HM136 Video Baby Monitor
  • Infant Optics DXR-8 Video baby Monitor
  • Babysense Video Baby Monitor
  • Baby Monitor VAVA 720P
  • ANMEATE Digital Video Baby Monitor


Top 5 Best Baby Monitor for long distance

1) Infant Optics DXR-8 Video Baby Monitor

Best baby monitor for long distance

Range: 700ft.

When it comes to baby monitors, infant optics is one of the best. The award-winning baby covers a range of 700 feet, which allows you to monitor your baby from anywhere in the home with no hassle.

Furthermore, the Infant Optics DXR-8, comes with an interchangeable camera feature. In fact, it is the first baby monitor to possess this feature. The interchangeable camera allows you to switch between the zoom lens and the wide-angle lens of the baby monitor. This helps you to have a closer or farther look at your baby from anywhere you are in the house.

The baby monitor also features a two-way communication channel that allows you to communicate with your baby at all times. This means if your baby cries, you do not have to leave whatever you are doing to soothe him or her.

You can leverage the two-way communication feature to soothe your baby as if you were there. This communication channel is secured using the FHSS technology. So, you do not need to worry about hackers breaking through your baby monitor. In fact, it does not require internet. So, we can safely say it is a hack-proof baby monitor.

Another exciting feature is the expandability of the baby monitor. It allows you to add up to 4 cameras. This is to allow you to monitor your baby from all angles in your home with no hassle. In addition, it has a remote control that allows you to zoom, pan, and tilt the cameras from wherever you are in the house.

Unlike other baby monitors, the DXR-8 does not have huge batteries. It has a perfect size, and they design it to be lightweight and compact.


What we like:

  • range
  • Excellent battery life
  • Two-way talk system
  • Invisible IR vision
  • Camera Expandability feature.
  • Secured using FHSS Technology.
  • Temperature monitoring


2) Babysense Video Baby Monitor

Range: 900ft

Best baby monitor for long distance

The Baby sense video baby monitor is a long distance baby monitor that we have verified to be able to cover 900 feet with no hassle. It comes with 2 cameras that allow you to watch two babies on a screen. All you have to do is press the OK button to switch between the visual feeds of the cameras. This is very useful if you have twins or expect one.

Furthermore, this camera possesses a 2-way talkback system. The advantage of this is that you can soothe your baby from anywhere you are. So far, you are within the 900 ft. distance. In fact, once you are going out of range, the out-of-range alert will notify you.

Like the Infant Optics, the Babysense video baby monitor uses Infrared night-vision video technology. This allows you to monitor your baby with a crystal clear visual feed even under a low night. Once the baby monitor senses dim lightning, it automatically switches to the night vision mode.

In addition, the baby monitor also features a temperature sensor that monitors the temperature of your baby’s room. The sensor will alert you immediately once the temperature is out of the normal range.


What we like:

  • Long distance transmission range 900 ft.
  • Two talk communication feature
  • Preloaded lullabies for soothing
  • Room Temperature sensor
  • Out-of range Alert
  • Camera Expandability – up to 4 cameras
  • Digital zoom


3) HeimVision HM136 Video Baby Monitor

Range: 1000 ft.

Best baby monitor for long distance

The HeimVision Baby monitor is cut off for long distance coverage. It easily covers your baby’s activities with no hassle over a 1000ft distance range. In addition, they equip this baby monitor with a 720p resolution camera. This helps ensure a high-quality image, that is 10 times more detailed than other baby monitors with 240P display monitors.

Furthermore, for a safe wireless connection, the monitor and the camera are directly linked to each other. This means no data, that is, the audio and visual feed of the monitor is not uploaded to the internet. For this reason, they cannot hack your baby monitor.

This monitor features a specially equipped night vision camera, which makes dark night very clear. You can be sure to see your baby clearly from wherever you are. In addition, for versatility purposes, this baby monitor allows 4 extra cameras. You can support this with the HM136 video surveillance system, which makes it amazing to watch multiple babies in different rooms.

Just like the first two monitors, the Heimvision also features Two-way Audio, which allows you to talk to your baby. Also, there is a plethora of soothing lullabies you can choose from to pacify your baby from a distance.


What we like:

  • 1000 ft. range.
  • Two-way audio system with preloaded lullabies
  • 2x Digital Zoom
  • Feeding reminder
  • Excellent battery with a large capacity of up to 2100mAh



4) Baby Monitor VAVA 720P

Best baby monitor for long distance

Range: 900ft.

The Baby VAVA monitor boasts 900ft coverage. At this range, you can virtually monitor your baby from anywhere in your home, no matter how big your house is. In addition, the baby monitor allows you to connect up to 4 cameras.

Furthermore, the VAVA baby monitor comes with an automatic night vision mode. This allows you to get a crystal clear visual feed of your baby under low light. The baby monitor features a 5 inches 720P display which makes it 3 times more detailed than some other baby monitors.

Baby VAVA features, 7 volume levels for real-time care of your baby. You can set the volume to a high if you want the monitor to pick your baby’s breathing or coughing. And to a low volume to capture the cry of your baby. This feature is very useful for parents that are heavy sleepers.

This baby monitor comes with an external thermostat that allows you to monitor the temperature of your baby’s room. This helps you to prevent the possibility of overheating. Also, it features 2X and 4x zooms that allow you to have a closer look at your baby.


What we like:

  • Long Range transmission of 900 ft.
  • External thermostat for temperature monitoring
  • Excellent Battery life that lasts 12hrs in display mode
  • AutoPilot Mode
  • Crisp and clear images.


5) ANMEATE Digital Video Baby Monitor

Range: 960 ft.

Best baby monitor for long distance

The ANMEATE baby monitor delivers smooth video and audio coverage of your baby’s room from anywhere you are in the house within the 960 Ft. range. In addition, the unique camera features a high-resolution display that allows a 2x zoom magnification for comprehensive coverage.

Furthermore, this monitor features an Auto Infrared Night Vision. The Auto Night vision will automatically detect dim light, and it will provide you with a crystal clear video even in the dark. So, you can be sure of what is going on in your baby’s room irrespective of the time.

The ANMEATE features a two-way talk communication technology – an ultra-utility microphone and speakers. This allows you to talk to your baby when he or she is crying. To get full coverage of your baby’s room, you can connect up to 4 cameras to this monitor.

For maximum security, this monitor leverages a 2.4 GHz Digital wireless transmission. This makes it almost impossible for hackers to breakthrough. Also, this monitor allows you to set up an alarm to remind you of things you need to do. This might be to feed your baby or to change his or her diaper.


What we like:

  • Long Transmission range of 960 Ft.
  • Two way talk communication
  • Connect up to 4 cameras
  • Auto Infrared Night vision
  • Temperature Monitor


Conclusion: Best Baby Monitor for Long Distance

In our opinion, the best baby monitor for long distance is the HeimVision HM136 Video Baby Monitor. This baby monitor covers comfortably up to a distance of 1000 ft. This means you can get stable videos of your baby’s room from wherever you are, be it, the yard, garage, kitchen, or anywhere in the house.

In addition, the baby monitor is highly secured as it does not use the internet for connection. This makes it hack proof. Asides from these features, the baby monitor has an excellent battery life of 2100mAH, and you can be sure of a long-lasting user experience.

Next to the HeimVision HM136  is the Baby Monitor VAVA 720P. Although it has a lower range coverage of 900Ft. as compared to the HeimVision, but it is an amazing alternative. In fact, the BABY VAVA monitor is one of the best on amazon because of its amazing features.

If you are low on budget and looking to get the best value monitor for long distance, then your perfect choice is the ANMEATE Digital Video Baby Monitor. This baby monitor is cheap and affordable, and it possesses all the major features a good baby monitor must-have. Therefore, if you are on a budget, you can go for this baby monitor.


Frequently Asked Questions:

Why choose long range baby monitors?

A long distance baby monitor makes it possible for you to monitor your baby while far from where your baby is. Long range baby monitor is the best baby monitor for a large house. With a long range monitor, you can be in the garden and monitor your baby sleeping in his or her room.

You can host your friends outside and keep in touch with the baby while serving or eating your meal. Long range monitor affords you the luxury of distance while keeping a close watch on the baby.


What should I look out for when buying a baby monitor for a big house?

  •  The type of Baby Monitor:

Baby monitors come in different types. If you want to monitor your baby while separated from the baby, we suggest you go for the video monitor. The most basic baby monitor is the audio version that transmits your baby’s cries and shows through a light-up element if they’re getting louder.

Most parent prefers the video version because it gives you the opportunity to see what your baby is doing in his/her crib. You can zoom in to see more clearly, and it also has a night vision feature.

  • Range and Frequency Level:

This should depend on how big your home is. Long range baby monitors are best for larger homes. You can opt for a baby monitor that can deliver at a longer range, like 900 MHz or higher.

  • Safety

Exposure to a high level of EMF possess a threat to you and your baby. High EMF levels have been claimed to disrupt your baby sleeping pattern and brain development. To prevent this, we recommend that you go for low EMF baby monitors.

There are low-level EMF baby monitors that can give you an unobstructed view of your baby without exposing them to harmful radiation.

  • Portability:

We suggest you go for a compact and portable baby monitor that will not prove difficult to move around when doing house chores. Some of these monitors are wireless, and rechargeable also would spare you the cost of battery purchase when it runs down.


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