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best value baby monitorIt is often said that moms have a third eye at the back of their heads. Even though this might not be physically true, with the best value baby monitor, nothing is impossible.  This ‘eye’ allows you to see what your baby is doing; monitor his or her health status, amongst several other benefits. In short, you don’t miss any moment of your baby’s activities.

However, it is a popular belief that “Money doesn’t come easy”.  On that note, whenever you are looking to purchase a baby monitor for your little adorable, ensure that such a monitor is a perfect blend of quality and cost. We have written this article with in-depth research to provide a thorough review of the best value baby monitor in the market. This article also provides you with all that you need to know when looking to buy the best value baby monitor.


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The Top 5 Best Value Baby Monitor are:


What are the most useful features of the best value baby monitor?

  • Good frequency Range:

There is no reason to buy a baby monitor if you still have to stay within the hearing range of your infant’s room. A good baby monitor must have a minimum coverage area of about 900MHz. This helps you reduce the possibility of interference to the barest minimum and also helps improve the quality of the audio and video.

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  • Room Temperature Sensor:

This feature is very important. The room temperature sensor helps you monitor the hotness or coldness of your baby’s room. Experts recommend a temperature between 68-72 degrees for your baby’s room.

  • Infrared night vision:

This really matters a lot. And all the monitors on our list possess this feature. The infrared night vision allows you to have a crystal clear picture of your baby even under low light.

  • Motion and Voice Sensors:

The best value baby monitors include this feature. This feature is usually configured on the baby monitor to notify you when your baby is awake. Once the monitor senses motion or sound around your baby, it sends a notification to check on your little adorable.

  • Zoom Capability:

Nowadays, most baby monitors already have this feature. But to be sure, ensure to double-check. This feature allows you to have an up-close view of your baby’s room.

  • Talkback feature:

This feature is very useful for when you want to soothe your baby or sing him or her a lullaby. However, to do this your baby monitor must have a highly sensitive microphone and a speaker.

  • Multi-Camera and Monitor Support:

If you have over one baby, ensure you buy a baby monitor that allows you to use over one camera and monitor.


Top 5 Best Value Baby Monitor

1) Motorola Video baby Monitor

We have always known Motorola for its class. They are exceptional at designing and manufacturing high-value baby monitor, which, although costly, are worth the price.

best value baby monitor

  • Talk Back Feature:

 The Motorola Video Monitor features a two-way intercom system that allows you to reassure your baby with your voice. They make this possible through the use of its mounted speaker and highly sensitive microphones that can catch even the slightest sound. You can also leverage the preloaded lullabies to help put your baby to sleep.

  • Range

This baby monitor can transmit up to about 1000 feet apart. This helps ensures that you stay updated at all times. When you are out of the 1000 feet range, the alert beeps to call you to order.

  • Night Vision:

Previously we talked about moms having a third eye. This monitor is your eyes in the dark. It leverages its infrared night vision feature to allow you to keep watch of your baby at all times, even under low light, This feature is available on the monitors 5 inches display.

  • Zoom capability:

The Motorola Video baby monitor allows you to zoom in and out to get a full view of your baby’s room. With this feature, you can be sure of catching even the minutest detail in your baby’s room.

  • Versatility:

When it comes to having the best value for money, versatility is very important. Asides from monitoring your baby, you can also use it to monitor your pet and elderly ones.

  • Room Temperature Sensor:

They design the baby monitor with a temperature sensor, which allows you to know when your baby’s room is too cold or hot. It displays this detail on the control unit and on the mobile application on your device.

  • Multi-Camera: This baby monitor has two cameras, which gives you a bird view of your baby’s room. You can view both feeds coming from the camera using the split-screen viewing feature on the monitor.

What we like

  • Clearly see your baby at night
  • It allows you to pan, zoom, and tilt using the remote control
  • Crystal clear picture display
  • It is easy to use and set up
  • The frequency range is over 900MHz
  • 5 inches LCD color display
  • Dedicated parent support system
  • It captures the slightest sound

What we don’t like:

  • When in split-screen you can only have audio for 1 camera

2) Baby Monitor VAVA 

best value baby monitor

We know the VAVA baby monitors for their high-quality baby monitoring technology aimed at providing parents peace of mind and an excellent user experience. For this reason, they are among the fast-rising manufacturers of baby monitors that are budget-friendly and offer good value for money.

  • Talk-Back Feature:

Like many other valuable baby monitors in the market, the VAVA baby monitor features a highly sensitive microphone and a speaker. This serves as a channel of communication between you and your baby. The difference between the VAVA and other monitors is its 7 volume levels for proper care. 

  • Night Vision:

The VAVA leverages its 720p clear gray-scale infrared images to provide you an excellent video feed of your baby throughout the night. The clear image allows you to monitor even the tiniest movement around your baby.

  • Temperature Monitoring:

Babies are fragile. Little temperature change around them could be detrimental to their health. To ensure your baby is safe and comfortable, they design this baby monitor with an inbuilt thermostat which monitors for temperature changes in your baby’s room.

  • Range:

The VAVA baby monitors functions with no feed interruption at 480ft-900ft. This means that you are assured of uninterrupted videos at all times, no matter if you are in the room, kitchen, or any other place in the house. However, it is imperative to note that anything outside this range could affect feed delivery.

  • Multi-Camera:

To allow you to get full room coverage around your baby’s room, this baby monitor supports the addition of 4 more cameras.

What we like

  • Excellent battery life
  • High resolution for baby monitoring
  • Excellent product design
  • Easy to use

What we don’t like

  • No extra volume for brightness and volume

3) 5” HD Baby Monitor, Babysense Video Baby Monitor 

best value baby monitor

  • Range:

The 720 HD image monitor provides you with crystal clear viewing at a 960ft range with no interference. This helps you keep close on watch on your baby from afar but within the 960ft range.

  • Night Vision:

This baby monitor features an amazing Automatic IR (Infrared Ray) night vision mode. This gives you an ultra-clear picture of your baby’s room, no matter how dark it is.

  • Talk Back Feature:

The two-way audio feature allows for two-way communication with your baby. You can use this feature to stay soothe and comfort your baby with your voice. When you are so tired to talk, you can leverage the pre-installed lullaby songs to help put your baby to sleep.

  • Multi-Camera:

Unlike a lot of baby monitors out there, they equip this baby monitor with two surveillance cameras. This helps you get a live feed of two rooms at a time. If the need is, this baby monitor also allows you to add two additional cameras to make four.

  • Temperature sensor:  

The temperature sensor notifies you of when it is too cool or hot in your baby’s room using the inbuilt alert system. These sensors are reliable, and they will alert you at the slightest drop in temperature.

  • Zoom capabilities:

The babysense monitor allows for exquisite remote convenience with the double zoom feature. This also allows you to tilt and pan at 70 and 350 degrees, respectively.

What we like:

  • Secure and Hack free
  • The Pan, Zoom, and tilt by remote control
  • HD quality picture
  • Easy to set up
  • Two cameras, with the option of adding another 2
  • Excellent Night vision
  • Good viewing range (960ft)

What we don’t like:

  • The baby monitor does not support split-screen

4) CasaCam BM200 Video Baby Monitor 

besy value baby monitor


  • Talkback feature:

The Talkback is a desirable feature among moms in a baby monitor. This is because it allows you to work on other things while still keeping active tabs on your baby. The CasaCam features built-in high sensitivity microphones and speakers, which not only allows you to see your baby but also comfort him or her from afar. It also comes in preloaded with 4 lullabies from which you can choose when using the baby monitor.

  • Zooming Capabilities:

Want to have a detailed view of your baby? The CasaCam baby monitor allows you to zoom in at 1.5x and 2x the actual video feed to have a closer view of your baby’s environment.

  • Temperature Monitoring:

It is believed being too hot or too cold raises a baby’s risk. On that note, the CasaCam team designed this baby monitor with an inbuilt thermometer to help you monitor temperature changes in your baby’s room. If the room is too hot or too cold, a message pops up on the monitor to notify you.

  • Night Vision:

The CasaCam features an Automatic light sensor. This sensor detects light conditions and automatically switches between day and night modes. This feature allows you to check up on your baby without leaving your bed. The video quality is Excellent and clear as day time.

What we like:

  • Easy to use
  • Built-in Nightlight
  • Friendly user interface
  • Allows for a secure and private connection
  • Support up to 4 cameras
  • Support single/split/quad display

What we don’t like:

  • The screen is too sensitive to touch

5)  ANFLAG Baby Monitor with Camera Best value baby monitor

  • Range:

Unlike several other baby monitors with a 900ft transmission range, the ANFLAG provides you with a 1000ft transmission range. This gives you the freedom you need while also monitoring your baby at a distance.

  • Temperature Monitoring:

The comfortability of your little adorable is very essential. On that note, the ANFLAG team designed this baby monitor with a temperature sensor which will provide you a 24-hr real-time monitoring. They configure the baby monitor to send you notifications when the temperature is too cold or too high.

  • Night Vision:

For Visibility during the night, they design this baby monitor with a light sensor. This light sensor accurately detects light conditions and can automatically shift between day and night modes. The baby monitor offers visibility in total darkness at up to 20 feet. This extends your vision at night, and you can rest assured you aren’t missing anything.

  • Talk Back Feature:

This camera features high-end speakers and microphones, which allow you to comfort your baby at the camera side without having to leave what you are doing. I

In addition, this baby features four sound detection modes; OFF, LOW, MEDIUM, and HIGH. You can set to the sound mode of your choice. The 5 soft lullabies mode allows you to comfort your baby through the monitor.

What we like

  • Excellent battery life (500mAh)
  • Excellent picture resolution on a bigger screen
  • Safe and secure
  • Easy to Install
  • Good sound quality

What we don’t like:

  • No extended view for mobile

Final Verdict: Best Value Baby Monitor

The Baby Monitor VAVA comes on top of our list as the best value baby monitor with its amazing features. It is a third eye you can trust to watch over your little adorable. It is a budget-friendly video monitor that will give you great value for money.

Also, we recommend the Motorola video baby monitor. They design the Motorola baby monitor using high-end technology. This gives you peace of mind and also guarantees the safety of your baby at all times.

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