Breast Pump for small breasts

Breastfeeding is an important act that protects the health of the baby and promotes maternal bonding. Mothers can sometimes find it difficult to continue to breastfeed their babies even with balancing a full-time job, household chores, and breastfeeding. The impact of these demands puts an undue burden on the mothers’ energy, which prevents them from focusing on their children and supplying them with the healthcare they need.

The safest way to balance your daily activities with raising your baby is to find a way of giving your baby breast milk. And we believe the easiest way to do this is through the use of breast pumps to give your baby expressed breast milk. This way your baby does not miss out on all the nutrients he or she should have gotten when you use the direct breastfeeding method.

In this article, we will review breast pumps for small breasts. This is because most parents who find it difficult to express breast milk are those with small breasts. We believe having a small breast should not interfere with the nutrient needs of your baby. Therefore, you can be sure of finding the best breast pump that suits your baby’s needs.


Top 5 Breast Pump for small breasts.

1) Spectra S2 Plus Electric Breast Pump

Breast Pump for small breasts

The Spectra S2 Plus Electric Breast pump is one of the best breast pumps for small breasts. They design this breast pump with a technology that allows a comfortable suction level that mimics the experience of natural breastfeeding. Furthermore, you can adjust the breast pump set to fit your preference using the adjustable suction levels and two-phase cycling featuring expression and massage mode.

You can use the spectra breast pump as either a single or double electric breast pump. To obtain the best results we advise that you use authentic spectra baby accessories. Furthermore, for your safety and that of your baby, they design the spectra breast pump to be free of BPA/DHP. With these features, you can be certain that your baby’s milk is free from contaminants.


What we like:

  • The breast pump is super quiet
  • It comes with a nightlight with 2 settings.
  • The breast pump is free of BPA/DHP
  • Highly comfortable
  • Perfect fit for moms with small breast

What we don’t like:

  • The motor might develop a fault after a year



2) Bellababy Double Electric Breastfeeding pumps pain free strong suction power touch panel high definition display, come with 24mm flanges

Breast Pump for small breasts

The Bellababy team is dedicated to providing moms with quality and affordable breastfeeding essentials. On this note, they designed the Bella baby double electric breastfeeding pumps. This pup comes with 2pcs of milk bag adapters and 10 pcs of storage bags. You can express milk for our baby into this bad directly using the adapters. The Bellababy is free of BPA and Phthalates.

Furthermore, this breast pump comes with a closed system, 4 modes, and 9 different suction levels you can leverage. For your comfortability, the pump comes with a petal cushion that is made of silicone. This feature helps to imitate the sucking rhythm. Therefore, you can sure that the process will be pain-free to your breast.

Unlike other breast pumps, this one is very quiet. In fact, the working noise is lower than 45dB. This is similar to a whisper, and you can be sure it won’t wake your baby up. Furthermore, for outdoor use, this breast pump comes with a built-in lathe capacity Li-on battery. You can charge the battery using a power bank, and you can use it anywhere.

What we like:

  • The breast pump comes with silicone which makes milk expression pain-free.
  • Bellababy breast pump is a perfect fit for moms with small breast
  • It comes with 4 modes, and 9 levels of suctions.
  • The breast pump is super quiet.
  • Comes with a Li-on battery that you can charge using a power bank
  • The breast pump is highly portable.

What we don’t like:

  • The item does not come precharged.


3) IKARE Double Electric Breast Pumps – Portable Hospital Grade Breastfeeding Pump with 5 modes & 45 levels.

Breast Pump for small breasts


The IKARE double electric breast pump is hospital-grade. They design this breast pump using BPA-free materials that have no harmful substances. Also, this breast pump allows usage by multiple moms, without having cross-contamination.

Furthermore, for your utmost comfortability, they design this breast pump with a 3D soft breast cushion that massages your areola. Additionally, this gives you a gentle sensation of your milk flow and also provides you with a secure seal and snug fit to solve issues of milk leak.

When it comes to suction, the IKARE breast pump is effective. They design this breast pump with strong suction that can help you achieve an efficient suckling and also express more milk in less time. Asides from this, the IKARE double electric breast pump is portable, compact, and light. This means you can carry it anywhere you go. In addition, it is also easy to use and clean. In fact, you do not have to wash the tubing because of the overflow protection, but all other parts such as the motor are dishwasher safe.

What we like:

  • Perfect fit for moms with small breast
  • The breast pump is portable, compact, and light. This means you can carry it with you wherever you go.
  • Gentle massage cushion
  • Strong suction and efficient sucking
  • Super quiet

What we don’t like:

  • The milk container fogs


4) Electric double breast pump Eccomum Breastfeeding Pump with 4 modes & 9 levels, memory function, BPA free, full touchscreen LED display, strong suction power, pain free, rechargeable, ultra-quiet.



When it comes to baby products, the Ecomum is one of the best. They design this breast pump in an amazing way that makes expressing milk easy for moms. The electric pump comes with a LED full light, a touch screen controller, and 4 modes—Normal suck, continuous suck, frequency conversion. In addition, the breast pump also possesses 9 suction levels, and it also comes with an intelligent memory chip that automatically remembers your last-used settings.

Furthermore, this breast pump is BPA-free, and has an anti-backflow design. The anti-backflow design will help you to prevent breast milk that would not flow into the motor or tubing. All the body parts of this breast pump are made from food-grade materials without harmful substances while pumping.

The eccomum breast pump is highly effective for moms with small breasts. This is because they design it to suckle more efficiently and give more milk at 800-30mmHg in little time. The suckle rate will surely help you save 80% of your time on other breast pumps. You might think this suckle rate might cause you pain, but this doesn’t happen. This is because the soft massage silicone pad imitates your baby’s sucking rhythm, providing you a soft and warm feeling.

Furthermore, the Led and touch screen feature helps to see the modes and suction level clearly. Also, the breast pump is super quiet and it will not disturb anyone around you, whenever in use. This breast pump is easy to carry and it comes with a 2500mAh battery that you can use for more than 2 hours.


What we like:

  • Perfect fit breast pump for moms with the small breast
  • The breast pump suckles efficiently and saves you up to 80% of your time as compared to other breast pumps.
  • Portable and comes with a large battery capacity
  • Ultra-quiet
  • Highly efficient and pain-free
  • 4 adjustable modes and 9 suction levels.

What we don’t like:

  • Not cut out for moms with large breasts.


5) Lasinoh Manual Breast Pump, Hand Pump for Breastfeeding

Breast Pump for small breasts

The Lasinoh manual breast pump is also a good fit for moms with small breasts. They design this manual breast pump with an ergonomic design and also an easy express handle which helps reduce fatigue. You can easily carry the manual pump anywhere you go, as this pump is lightweight and compact.

Furthermore, the pump features dual-mode pumping and includes 2 flanges sizes, a natural wave nipple cap, and a collar. This feature provides you with the ideal suction storage and feeding. Asides from these, the pump is easy, convenient, and hygienic to use. This is because it allows you to pump directly into pre-sterilized Lasinoh breast milk storage bags, which are convenient and hygienic to use.

The comfort-fit flanges of this breast pump are soft and will not harm your skin. Also, the Lasinoh manual breast pump is FSA and HSA eligible. This means it is free from materials that can pose a threat to the health of you and your baby.

what we like

  • The breast pump is a perfect fit for moms with small breast
  • Easy to clean and use
  • The breast pump features a 2 mode technology.
  • Great value for money
  • Better, faster, and stronger

what we don’t like

  • The flanges are a bit big


Why do I need Breast pumps?

This question is a common one among moms, most especially first-time moms. To clarify things, we will provide you with some reasons why you might need to get a breast pump.

  • The breast pump is very effective in helping you to relieve breast pain as a result of breast engorgement. This happens when your baby cannot suck for one reason or the other, and when this happens milk accumulates in your breast. Too much accumulation of milk in your breast will most definitely cause a strain in your breast tissue, thus causing you excessive stress. The only way around this is to express using a breast pump to relieve the pain.
  • For moms with premature infants, a breast pump is an important tool. This is because it enables such moms to collect milk to feed their premature babies. Premature infants, or babies born before due dates don’t have the energy to suck for themselves, and for this reason, you have to express milk to feed them while also avoiding breast engorgement.
  • Breast pumps are useful in helping moms stimulate their breasts for better milk production. Most moms with small breasts lack the capacity to produce breast milk for their babies. In this situation, the best option is to get a breast pump to scale up your amount of milk production.

What are the types of breast pumps?

Breast pumps are classified on the basis of usability and their terms. Here are the types of breast pump:

  • Manual Breast Pumps:

These pumps are used to express milk just by using the hands. Using this pump requires a high level of hygiene because any contamination can be harmful to the health of your baby.

  • Electric Breast Pumps:

These breast pumps come with electrical components for their functionality. Unlike the manual breast pump, most electric breast pump comes with the hygienic package to help you prevent the growth of mold and bacteria.

  • Single breast pump:

This type of breast pump works with a breast at a time. They are not so effective, because they take more time. However, they are cheaper than double breast pumps.

  • Double breast pump:

Double breast pumps are highly advantageous over their single counterpart. This is in terms of use, and time-saving. Using the double breast pump allows you to suction both breasts at a time instead of doing it one after the other

Factors to consider when choosing a breast pump for small breast.

  • The comfortability of the breast pump. Kindly avoid a breast pump that causes discomfort any time you suction.
  • A good breast pump must be lightweight, and easy to carry anywhere you go without inconvenience.
  • The type of breast pump you wish to purchase. This can either be manual, electric, single, or double.
  • The accessories must be easy to assemble and replace. A good breast pump will not require that you can an expert to fix it.
  • The user warranty of the breast pump. This is to ascertain that the pump will be fixed in the case of damage.
  • The sound level. A good breast pump must have an ultra-quiet sound, and it must not disturb people around during usage.


Final verdict: Breast Pump for small breasts.

Our choice of the best pump for small breasts is Bellababy Double Electric Breast feeding pumps pain free, strong suction power touch panel high definition display. This breast pump comes with amazing features that will help make expressing breast milk safe, easy, and convenient.

The Next choice is the Lasinoh Manual Breast Pump, Hand Pump for Breastfeeding This breast pump is also an amazing option for the Bellababy. With this breast pump, you can be sure of effective and pain-free suctioning.


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