Can a non Wifi Baby Monitor be hacked?

Can a non Wifi Baby Monitor be hacked?

Can a non Wifi Baby Monitor be hacked?

The issue of baby monitor security is a great concern among parents. Not that baby monitors are bad, in fact, they are a good personal assistant for every parent. As you would agree, it is not entirely possible to be with your little adorable at all times, so in this case, the alternative tool to leverage is the baby monitor.

But, time after time, there have been several reported cases of baby monitors breaches. Not that highly secured cameras are not available, but the vulnerable ones get attacked. So, for this discussion, can a non Wifi baby monitor be hacked? The best way to find out is to continue reading. This article provides you with everything you need to know about the subject.

How do Non Wifi Baby Monitors Work?

To know if a non Wifi baby can be hacked, it is important that you understand the working principles. Therefore, for your consumption, we will explain the concept behind a non Wifi baby monitor.

As the name implies, non Wifi baby monitors do not require the internet to function. In other words, you do need to connect them to a public or private network before they can function. It offers you the opportunity to watch over your little adorable using its technological systems. However, the fact that a non Wifi baby monitor does not connect to the internet doesn’t mean it is inferior to a Wifi baby monitor.

A non Wifi baby monitor leverages the FHSS (Frequency Hopping Spread Spectrum). This affords the manufacturer of the baby monitors the privilege to write their own guidelines of data transfer. The result of this is that it will be very difficult to hack into the baby monitor.

Can a non Wifi Baby Monitor be hacked?

As we have earlier mentioned, a non Wifi baby monitor uses the FHSS technology, making it difficult for hackers to break in. This feature makes it easy for manufacturers to encrypt the communication channel of your baby monitor.

However, studies show that a dedicated hacker can break through a non Wifi baby monitor. This is provided he or she is close to your baby monitor and has the right listening equipment. But, the fact still remains, he or she will have a hard nut to crack. A non Wifi baby monitor is highly secure as compared to its Wifi counterpart.

How do I know if my baby Monitor is Hacked?

There are several ways to discover if they hack your baby monitor. If your baby monitor ticks the following, the possibility that someone has hacked your baby monitor is very high.

  • Monitor rotating by itself

One of the main reasons hackers try to break through a baby monitor is to spy around your baby and home. In a bid to achieve this, they pan and tilt your baby monitor at different angles to get their desired view. Therefore, if you discover the unusual movement of your baby monitor, find out if anyone around your home moved it, if not, then you might be hacked.

  • LED light blinking unusually:

The majority of baby monitors come with LED lights to indicate if you are streaming the feed on the web or mobile App. Thus, one of the ways to know if you are hacked is through the LED light. If the LED light is blinking incessantly when you are not viewing the monitor feed on the web or app, then someone else might just be watching your baby.

  • Strange voices coming from your baby monitor:

This sign can be very scary, most especially knowing full well that a stranger can see, hear and speak to your baby. If you notice this, the possibility that your baby monitor is compromised is on the high.

Tips on How to prevent your baby Monitor from Hackers:

  • Always ensure that you create a hard to guess the password for your baby monitor. This should be a combination of Alphabets and Numbers.
  • Turn off your baby monitor when it is not in use.
  • Always buy from a reputable brand. We cannot overstate the importance of this.
  • Do not share your baby monitor password with anyone.
  • Avoid using default passwords.


The use of the FHSS technology makes it difficult for a non Wifi baby monitor to get hacked. Non Wifi monitor as the name suggests doesn’t use the internet. However, this does not limit their functionality when compared with a Wifi baby monitor. You can leverage its audio and visual system to monitor your baby at all times. If you are looking to buy the most secure non Wifi baby monitors, you can choose from any of the following:

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Babysense Video Baby Monitor

Infant Optics DXR-8 Pro

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