Can Baby Sleep in Vibrating Bouncer?

Can Baby Sleep in Vibrating Bouncer?

As a new parent, you are probably surfing the net for the next addendum to your baby list. Your little and adorable kid will surely need the best things in the world, and I know that you want the best in quality for them as well. A vibrating bouncer is one of those things moms usually add to their lists. However, before you decide whether to add a vibrating bouncer to the list or not, let’s answer one of those questions that might pop up in your mind: can a baby sleep in a vibrating bouncer?

What Is A Baby Bouncer?

A vibrating bouncer, sometimes called a bouncer or bouncy seat, is a chair that is designed for young babies who can’t sit unassisted and it provides some hands-free time for the parents. They design this device to be a low-to-the-ground seat for your baby. It is generally lightweight, and the seat bounces when your baby moves their arms or kicks with their legs. They design a baby bouncer to mimic the rocking motion of your baby’s experiences in the womb or your arms, thereby keeping the baby relaxed while you do one or two things around the house.

So, can a baby sleep in a vibrating bouncer? Although some parents see a bouncer as a device that lulls their babies to sleep while they get things done around the house, this assertion is not sufficient to answer the question of “can baby sleep in a vibrating bouncer?”

Are Vibrating Bouncers Bad for Babies?

Vibrating baby bouncer when properly used will keep your baby safe.  As a new parent thinking about buying a bouncer, ensure that you follow the requirements. In doing this, you must be sure to follow the manufacturer’s guidelines for use. Your strict adherence to these guidelines will determine how safe a bouncer would be.

Most bouncers have weight restrictions and are recommended for babies up to 6 months old. Once your baby reaches the age or weight limit, it is unsafe to put her in a vibrating bouncer. Moreover, when using a bouncer, make sure you properly restrain the baby with the strap or harness on the bouncer. This will help keep your baby from sliding out when the vibration pushes him/her down.

For infants, use the head support for newborns, this will help you keep them more comfortable in the seat.

Is it Okay to Let Your Baby Sleep in a Vibrating bouncer?

While your baby can fall asleep while in the bouncer, it is not advisable for you to let your baby nap in it. The National SUID/SIDS Resource Center warns that babies should not spend too much time in a bouncer because of the pressure it applies to the back of the head, which could eventually result in plagiocephaly (flat head syndrome).

Moreover, there are a lot of frightening incidents where babies have died after being left to sleep in a bouncer. We do not plan these stories to frighten you; they are real. Leaving a baby to continue to sleep in a bouncer poses a lot of harm. This is because if a baby falls asleep while propped up, the head can fall forward, which pushes the chin to the chest, and may cause the blockage of the little airway.

You should always keep your eyes on the baby when in a bouncer and ensure to pick her up once she is asleep. The safest place for a baby to sleep is on the back or in the crib.

How Long Can You Leave A Baby in a Vibrating Bouncer?

It is not medically wise to keep your baby in a bouncer for a long time. Prolong stay on the bouncer would mean that your baby would remain in the same position for so long. Since the baby’s head is still growing, and the bones are yet to fuse fully, leaving the baby in a bouncer for a long time can cause the flattening of the skull, a condition medically referred to as plagiocephaly or flat head syndrome.

Therefore, we recommend that your baby should not leave your baby in the bouncer for over 20 minutes. This is in line with the NHS guideline for the use of bouncers.

Are Vibrating Chairs Safe for Newborns?

Yes.  Baby bouncers are safe for newborns, so you don’t have to wait until your baby reaches a certain age before you start to use the seat. However, make sure you read the recommendations on the packaging to learn about the restrictions or guidelines for its use.

They make the seat design and reclined position to keep your baby secure.  They also include the safety straps to give your baby additional security.

However, while a baby bouncer can be a safe chair for your baby from birth, it is important to know when to pack it up and discontinue its use. You should stop using a bouncer seat when you notice that your baby can sit up without help. For most babies, this is usually from the 6th month. Some can even sit as early as 4 months. Once you notice the baby can sit on his/her own, just pack up the baby bouncer. Your baby has outgrown its use.

Another way to determine when to pack away the baby bouncer is by using the weight limit principle. Most manufacturers show the maximum weight limit for their bouncers. That means you would have to discard the seat once your baby reaches the weight limit. For most bouncer models, this weight limit is usually around 25 to 30 pounds.

If you continue to use a bouncer seat after a baby can sit on his/her own or has exceeded the weight limit, the bouncer is no longer safe and you expose your child to great harm.

Final Word: Can Baby Sleep in Vibrating Bouncer?

The baby bouncer would make an excellent addition to your baby list. With it, you can easily place the baby in it while you stay by to do other things with your arm. The bouncer affords the baby a similar vibrating experience on your arms and in the womb and could easily lull your baby to sleep. This is where it demands the removal of the baby from it. Do not allow your baby to nap or even stay excessively long in the bouncer. You should pack up the bouncer once the baby exceeded the weight limit or can now sit unassisted.

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