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As a mom by now we expect that you should know what tea to take and which not to. If you do not, we advise that you read our article on slimming tea for breastfeeding moms. We consider teas such as slimming tea, tea containing caffeine, etc. not safe for you as a breastfeeding mom. This is because small fractions of whatever you take has a way of getting into the breast milk thus affecting your baby. Therefore, we advise that you stay clear of these teas.

In this article, we will discuss explicitly good tea for breastfeeding moms. We consider these teas safe for you, and your little adorable. Also, we will review the different teas you can take as a breastfeeding mom.


Lactation Teas

For the benefit of first-time moms, or moms who have never used lactation teas before, basically, lactation teas are a blend of herbs. You can consume them several times a day or during your postpartum period. They are supplements that are known to help moms increase their breast milk supply.

According to research, we discovered that there is anecdotal evidence from moms who claimed that they noticed an increase in their milk supply when they use lactation teas. So, the question is, are they safe? We consider them safe and effective to help improve your milk supply.

However, we advise that you consult your medical doctor to ascertain that the herbs used in making the tea are safe for you. This is because some herbs interact with medications. In fact, some babies are sensitive to dietary changes. This is why we believe you should speak to your doctor before deciding to include lactation tea in your diet.


Top 4 Good Tea for breastfeeding mothers – Lactation Teas

1) Earth Mama Organic Milkmaid Tea


Earth Mama is a plant-based organization that majors in supporting postpartum moms and their babies. Their tea is delicious, organic, and free from many substances such as caffeine that can affect your baby. They formulated this organic tea using organic herbs that support healthy breast milk production and also promote healthy lactation.

Earthmama is an excellent tea for you as a breastfeeding mom. This is because it is a blend of the highest quality galactagogue herbs such as fenugreek, fennel, and milk thistle. This tea contains 16 separately wrapped, and caffeine-free tea bags. The tea is safe for your health and that of your baby. It is USDA certified and 100% organic.


2) Traditional Medicinals Organic Mother’s Milk Women’s Tea, promotes Healthy Lactation, 16 Tea Bags


If you are looking to get a lactation tea for yourself as a breastfeeding mom, this is by far your number one choice. This tea has been America’s Number 1 lactation tea for over 40 years. The product is a favorite for most moms for many generations till now. This tea contains active herbs, such as fennel, anise, coriander, fenugreek, and blessed thistle. Basically, the formula of this tea takes its foundation from traditional recipes that have over the years, helped several moms breastfeed. The traditional medicinal organic uses medicinal-grade, USDA organic herbs. Asides from this, it is USDA-certified good for breastfeeding moms.


3) Bell Lifestyle 3 pack combo Nursing Mother’s Tea



This is another safe tea for you as a breastfeeding mom. Basically, they prepared this tea to help breastfeeding moms support healthy lactation. This tea is the perfect choice for you if you are one who does not fancy floral flavors and loves sweeter things. While there are no added sweeteners in the bell lifestyle, this tea contains marshmallow root with fenugreek and milk thistle. The subtly sweet flavor is why many moms love this tea. National Institute of Health considers the Marshmallow safe and generally recognized.


4) Pink Stork Lactation Tea: Herbal Minit Nursing Support, 100% Organic Supports Breastfeeding + Supports Breast Milk Supply with Fenugreek, women-owned, 30 cups



The Pink stork lactation tea is also one of the best in the market for you. They prepared this product in such a way that it supports your breastfeeding, natural lactation, taste, and flow. This lactation tea contains all the essentials. This includes fennel, anise, marshmallow root, fenugreek, milk thistle, and more to help you support lactation.

Furthermore, this whole leaf lactation tea is 100% organic and is genetically modified. They use biodegradable pyramid sachets in the production of this tea. Each of these sachets makes 2 cups, and a total of 30 cups.



Of all the breastfeeding tea to increase milk supply we consider lactation teas the safest. They are organic, come in different flavors, and contain essentials that will help increase your milk production. Although green teas are safe also, they most times contain caffeine which can affect your baby one way or the other. Therefore, if you will be doing green teas, we advise you take them in negligible quantities.

Our choice of the good tea for breastfeeding mother is the Traditional Medicinals Organic Mother’s Milk Women’s Tea, promotes Healthy Lactation, 16 Tea Bags. Asides from the fact that this lactation tea has been around for a while, precisely over 40 years it is also very effective in increasing milk supply.



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