How big is a mini Crib? – All you should know

How big is a mini CribIf you are pondering “How big is a mini crib?” chances are that you are looking to buy a crib for your baby or you just want to know more. Either way, what matters is that you get answers and we guarantee you will get them.

In this article, we will talk about how big a mini crib is, and not only this, but we will also answer some important questions as they relate to the subject. We sure have plenty to share with you. Without further ado, let’s get started.

What is the size of a mini crib? 

Mini cribs are simply miniature cribs in comparison to other standard size cribs. When we compare it to a standard-size crib, they are really small. Because of this fact, they are popular with many parents who are lacking in space in their nursery. Additionally, it is a toast to parents who have their baby sharing a bedroom with their older sibling.

This kind of crib is not so big as they measure 24 inches wide, and 38 inches long. By these measurements, you can be assured that the crib will not consume much space.


Mini crib vs. standard size?

Mini cribs and standard-size cribs are often used interchangeably in families, but they have their own set of benefits as well. Basically, mini cribs are smaller versions of standard cribs that are great for parents who have limited space in their nurseries.

Mini Cribs

As we have stated earlier, mini cribs are the smaller version of standard cribs. They are less expensive and are very useful for homes where there are limited spaces. Most mini cribs are portable, foldable, and compact, and their average dimension is 24X38 inches and about 1 to 4 inches in thickness.

However, it is important to note that not all mini cribs have the same size. This is because their sizes and dimensions basically depend on the model and brand. A mini crib is an excellent choice for parents with babies who are less than two years old.

Here are some of the advantages of Mini cribs:


  • They are less expensive when compared to standard cribs
  • Compact and fit more easily when you have limited spaces in your home
  • They are ideal for newborns. Basically babies less than 2 years of age.
  • Most mini cribs are foldable
  • They are easier to move or reposition because of their compactness


  • Your baby will eventually outgrow the crib.


Standard Size Crib:

Standard size cribs are typically the larger version of mini cribs. They are larger than mini cribs, and they often come with more features. Most of them are installed in a permanent position. In fact, your child can use this crib as a shelf or compartment as they grow up.

Basically, they have a size of 28X52 inches and about 5 to 6 inches in thickness. Unlike mini cribs with varying sizes according to model or brand, full-size cribs have standard sizes. In fact, even if there is going to be any size variation, is usually not more than ¼ of an inch.


  • They can accommodate babies that are 2 years and above
  • Standard size cribs have more features and storage as compared to its mini-crib version
  • They are sturdy, durable, and they can accommodate big babies.


  • They are more expensive than mini cribs.

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Mini Crib vs. pack n play.

Mini Cribs

As we have stated earlier, mini cribs are the smaller version of standard cribs. Basically, they are cribs that are smaller in size or do not meet the standard requirements of a full-size crib. Many times mini cribs do come with wheels so that you can move them from one room to another.

However, the only con is that not all of them are designed to fold. Although manufacturers are designing some of the new models to fold up, basically not all mini-cribs fold up.


Pack ‘n Play

A Pack ‘n Play is more than just a crib. It is designed particularly for toddlers and kids and you can fold it up for easy storage. It is also extremely portable. Moreover, pack ‘n play also has an elevated sleeping area, which you can hook on to the top in order to form a bassinet for your newborn. Because of its versatility, moms love it so much.

Asides from the above, the Pack ‘n play are lightweight as they weigh about 15-30lbs. However, it is important to note that their weight depends on the attachments you have on them. They are less expensive, and they are easy to fold, thus making it an excellent option for traveling.


Are Mini crib worth it?

Yes. The mini crib is worth it. In fact, it is a great option if you are pressed on space. Asides from this, it can be a smaller financial investment as compared to full-size cribs. This means you won’t have to invest so much fortune in a standard size crib. Therefore, we can say for sure that they are worth it. They are not so different from their standard size counterparts’ asides from the fact that they are smaller in size. So, if you are looking to cut the budget and still get something valuable for your baby, you can go for a mini crib.


Conclusion: How big is a mini Crib

A mini crib is about 24X38 inches wide, and they are about 1 to 4 inches thick. They are not so big, and they do not take much space. There are lots of advantages to using a mini crib,

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