How does Baby Monitor Work?


How does Baby Monitor Work?

Have you been wondering what to do about releasing the stress off yourself regarding your baby while you are trying to catch some rest? Ever thought about getting a baby monitor and wondering how it works? Don’t go too far. In this article, we will answer the question of how does Baby Monitor work, and all you should know.

What is a Baby Monitor?

A baby monitor, which is also known as ‘baby alarm’, is a radio system used remotely to listen to sounds made by an infant. It transmits sounds by radio waves to a receiver unit with a speaker carried by, or near to, the person caring for the infant.

Some baby monitors provide two-way communication, which allows the parent to speak back to the baby (parent talk-back). While some allow you to play music back to your baby. Baby monitors include sensors to assist you in spotting and tracking any change you must have not noticed otherwise.


Features of a Baby Monitor

There are characteristics of a baby monitor which bring about your comfort and your baby’s assured safety. Having more eyes and ears on your child is very important. Therefore, get a baby monitor that permits you to connect more cameras or have over one monitor to show to keep around the house to monitor your baby apart from the nursery.

  • Baby monitors comprise temperature sensors that allow you to know if your baby’s crèche is too warm or too cool.
  • Baby monitors have motion and sound sensors that help detect if your baby makes noise or wakes from a doze. These offer the parent of the baby peace of mind by instantly knowing that the baby is up without thinking how long he has been awake. As soon as it detects the sound or motion, the baby monitor show screen wakes up and sends a signal to inform you to go check on your baby.
  • Baby monitors which have cameras permit you to see your baby from other places in your house. It gives a close-up view of your baby and the crèche’s vicinity.


What are the types of baby monitors?

There are several types of baby monitors which are very good and affordable dependent on the ones you would want to opt-in for as a mother. Moreover, each of these types of baby monitors has its peculiarities and features.

The varieties of baby monitors are as follows;

  • Wi-Fi Baby Monitors:

This is a kind of baby monitor which connects to your existing internet network. In some cases, you can control them using your mobile phone. Most of the Wi-Fi baby monitors comprise both audio and video accessibilities.

All you need to do is to use a voice assistant to check on your baby when you are in another section of your house. The Wi-Fi baby monitors also can store video footage via cloud storage, which allows you to review at any time.

  • Video Baby Monitors:

Contains both audio and video capacities. They sometimes have an in-built microphone and speaker that allows you to see and communicate with your baby from another room. Most video baby monitors contain night vision, digital zoom, and storage for both videos and pictures.

How does Baby Monitor Work?


  • Audio-Only Baby Monitors:

This particular baby monitor only permits you to hear your baby. It does not include an added display screen to see your baby. The audio-only monitor contains two-way audio to give music or communicate to your baby through the monitor.

Some audio-only monitors don’t include monitoring or temperature detector, but they contain a low-battery and distance indicator. This is to ensure the baby monitor keeps working efficiently. However, with the audio-only baby monitor, you can expect a clear sound without buffering or much background noise.


How far does Baby Monitors work?

Baby monitors are good and helpful, but how far can they go in safeguarding your baby in the house? Considering that there are obstacles such as walls, ceilings, furniture that can interfere between you and your baby.

However, it is good to know that a baby monitor works between the range of 800 to 1000 feet will be enough. But for bigger houses, you will need a baby monitor that transmits at nothing less than 900- 1000 feet.


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Are baby monitors safe?

Baby monitors are very useful and safe. This is because it assures you of your baby’s safety and keeps you in the balance as a mother. However, there can only be a little shortcoming if not properly used. This is if you shun open wires of the baby monitor which can cause a surge in the home. To avoid these insurgences, you must ensure that you keep the baby monitor at least 3 feet away from the crib or other safe play environment.


Is it okay not to use baby monitors?

Are you contemplating whether it’s okay not to use a baby monitor? Well, you might need to consider that you might not be needing one if:

  • You own a small apartment and also if your child is very close to you at all times, you might probably not miss a time when he wakes up from a nap or when he cries
  • Your baby sleeps in a bedside crib or co-sleeping together.
  • You have a nanny or a caregiver helping you out with looking after your baby
  • Your house has an already installed system you can use for checking up on your baby

However, you would need a baby monitor;

  • Changing from a bedside cradle to a separate crib or you are moving your baby to his room.
  • You are concerned about your baby and always want to check on him at every interval without causing a disturbance and risk waking him up.
  • If you want to monitor your baby’s every move without being in the same room with him.


Do baby monitors affect sleep?

Baby monitors are very helpful as they help to reduce stress psychologically on the part of parents without being bothered by when your child will wake up or being disturbed by the cries of your child. Therefore, it is important to know that baby monitors do not affect the sleep of both the child and the parent.


Conclusion: How does Baby Monitor Work?

The baby monitor is a helpful device that has helped plenty of parents and counting, and we are sure that it would be of great help to you.

Baby monitors allow you to attend to several things without you needing to worry that you are leaving your baby void of attention. It has been tested and proved over time. We, therefore, hope that this article has been of great help to help you decide whether or not to get a baby monitor.


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