How long to use a baby monitor

Baby monitors have overtime proved to be an effective means of keeping a growing infant pacified and also reducing the stress put on the parents. However, a child must outgrow the use of a baby monitor. This article would allow you to know long to use a baby monitor as a nursing mother or a parent.


What is a Baby Monitor?

A baby monitor according to Wikipedia is a radio system that you can use to remotely listen to sounds made by an infant. It is an audio monitor that consists of a transmitter unit, equipped with a microphone placed near the child. It transmits the sounds which allows the person caring for the child to know the exact sounds of the baby.

One of the major importance of baby monitors is that it allows the parent or caregiver of the child to hear when the baby wakes up while out of the present environment of the infant.

 There are several types of baby monitors. Some supply a two-way kind of communication that allows the mother or caregiver to respond back to the baby while some allow music to be played to the infant. Babies and young growing children can be often heard over a baby monitor in a cradle, which is a normal way of polishing their language skills.


When to start baby monitors?

We all have that genuine love for our babies and we understand how demanding it can be to keep the eyes fixed on them at all times.

It frightens you they would slip and fall off their crib and get injured. Moreover, you also want to know what happens to your nanny does with your child, while you are not at home. However, it is better to know when you should start to use a baby monitor as a parent.

Therefore, it is pertinent that you get a baby monitor early enough to affirm the safety of your child while you are not within his immediate environment. We would suggest that you start to use a baby monitor for your child as from 2 months.


When to Stop Using Baby Monitors?

This can be very personal. In your child’s early days, a monitor can be an essential assurance that your child is secure as he sleeps. More importantly, when he first goes into his room.

Although babies can be very deafening at night and if you are the parent who is easily stirred by every minute splash and murmur, then you can dispose of the monitor when your child sleeps constantly through the night. This is usually by 6 months.

Alternatively, you can decimate the monitor usage, so you would hear when he cries or needs your help. It is not wise to go running to the side of your child each time he makes a fuss. This will not only agitate him, but render all your attempts at teaching him how to sleep through the night abortive.

Nevertheless, if you like the relief of hearing your baby’s every sound, then you can keep the monitor till he is much older. Some mothers find it normal to give up the monitor when their baby is ready for a big-sized bed and can walk up to you himself when he has use of you.


Should I turn my baby monitor on all night?

Using baby monitors is pretty good. When you as a parent just give birth to your child, it helps you go around, relax a little, being certain that you would hear once your little baby becomes awake.

The baby monitor will help you get up when the time comes for night feeding. However, it is something we need to walk away from at some point.

Seeing your child when it is time to sleep will not make them fall asleep any faster. In fact, it will affect your seep quality.

However, as soon as your baby is close to three to four months, it is high time you turned off the monitor at night, this will help you reclaim your night, helping you sleep better, and also give your child a privilege to devise a means of calming himself during the night.

At what age do you stop using baby monitors?

Using baby monitors is very helpful. However, you should not get too used to them for too long. At intervals, be able to create space and distance between you and your baby.

.Asides from that, it’s demanding to figure out what age you should stop using a baby monitor as a parent. Nevertheless, we have a few suggestions for when to start allowing your baby to sleep without a monitor.

Once a baby is over 6 months old, he should be able to sleep more consistently. For this reason, you should not use the baby monitor as much as before. One way to pull through this is to reduce the volume on your baby monitor. This allows you to hear when your child screams without the use of the baby monitor.

Some parents prefer to extend the use of baby monitors till when the child is a year old or two years of age so that the parents can have privacy for themselves and also to keep a keen eye when he crawls, talk, etc.



When it comes to how long to stop using baby monitors, the decision is personal. Some parents never use a monitor while some feel it more relaxing to use baby monitors until their baby finally moves from the cradle to a king-sized bed.

However, this decision must be something you and your husband must come to terms with taking into consideration all the effects of using a baby monitor.


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