How to get my baby to sleep alone (Moms Guide)

How to get my baby to sleep alone

How to get my baby to sleep alone

Does your baby bother and weeps a lot at night when you decide to get your rest after a hectic day? Getting a baby to sleep is one of the hardest tasks a nursing mother must go through in the first phase as an infant. And the baby sometimes doesn’t make this an easy task.

This can be for a lot of reasons. It’s your first time having a child and thus, you do not have any experience has to govern how to make a child fall asleep alone. For whatever reason the issue might be, this article will provide all the guidelines on how to get your baby to sleep alone with no stress.

However, it is important to note that every Child is unique, some babies will sleep earlier than others. Any mother who has more than a child will understand that the sleep cycle differs amongst siblings.

Why Cant Babies Sleep Alone?

Young Infants cannot express their cravings and grasp their newly found environment yet. You are all they are used to. And for this reason, you need to pay attention to your baby’s needs.

There are several reasons that might hinder your baby from sleeping alone. In fact, discovering these reasons is the first step to getting your baby to sleep on his or her own.

Here are a few reasons babies can’t sleep alone.


Acid reflux, tummy aches, or constipation, and being too full might be the reason your baby won’t sleep alone. In fact, this is more common among babies who are bottle-fed.


Hunger is another reason your baby might not want to sleep alone. If your baby is hungry, he or she will find it difficult to sleep. This is because the hunger will make him or her uncomfortable, and unable to sleep.

Internal clock.

It takes up to about 12 weeks before a baby’s internal clock can fully develop. And, for this reason, it might be very difficult for your baby to understand when to sleep and when to wake. This can interfere with your baby’s sleep quality.


If your baby is too tired or exhausted, he or she might not be able to sleep on his or her own.


How do I get my baby to sleep without being held?

As difficult as it is for new parents who just want time to themselves. The fact is, every newborn child always wants to be held.

When the baby gets to hold you, he or she feels your warm embrace and as though in a haven, hears your heartbeat that gives him or her a familiar sensation like as in the womb.

However, if you want him to start sleeping on his own, then the following points would help put him to sleep without being held:

  • Make a move to swaddle him thus, wrapping him cuddly in a blanket of which is a proficient way of allaying the fear of babies.
  • Be with him and rock him, sing a lullaby, or caress parts of his body (could be his face or hand). Newborn babies cannot calm themselves. Therefore, you might need to calm him or her to sleep.

It takes effort for babies to learn to fall asleep on their own. Assisting him or her to stay pacified during the day will help him or she stay calm at night when you eventually lay him down.


How to get a newborn to sleep alone?

Getting a newborn infant to sleep alone is one of the tedious tasks to do as a parent who is just having a first baby. Nevertheless, here are some tips to help your baby feel safe while falling asleep alone:

  • Sleep Alliance/ Sleep Aids: Be aware of your baby’s sleep alliance such as lullaby, or eating to fall asleep. As soon as you have mapped out such alliances or aids, you can help to inspire them not to dwell much on them by gradually refraining from the alliances.
  • Soothe before Sleeping: make certain that the environment is soothing when putting your baby to sleep; no sharp lights, little or no noise, followed by a cool bath, and then an interesting story would do the trick in calming your baby to bed.
  • Be flexible: getting your baby to sleep does not happen by instant magic, gently come up with less swinging and keep putting your baby down asleep for about 2-3 weeks. Then, with time, your baby will become cozier into falling asleep alone. The essential thing is to be enduring, constant, and soothingly help adjust your baby to falling asleep on their own and at their pace.

Babies take their time to learn of these actions as they go on. However, do return them, pick them up, wrap them close to your arms and return them quietly back to sleep when they let out a cry. Your baby will learn how to self pacify themselves but will need an avenue to imbibe this on their own so do not let them get you worked up trying to hasten things as fast as possible.


What should I do if my baby only sleeps when held?

Seeing that your baby just spent nine months protected in the soft confines of your uterus, it is no surprise that your arms have become a favorite spot for sleeping.

In fact, it might take several weeks or more before your baby can snooze without being this close to you. During these times, your baby develops sleeping routines, and after, he could then settle down in his cot. Until then, try these methods:

Take turns. Switch off holding the baby with your husband (remember that it’s not safe for either of you to doze off with the baby in your arms.

Swaddle. Being comfortably wrapped makes the baby feel secure and prevents the natural startle reflex from waking him up, Blatnik says.

Use a pacifier. It may help the baby sleep.


what age should a child put themselves to sleep?

Newborn Babies sleep between 9 to 12 hours during the night and take 5 to 7 hours in the day. At 2 months, a young infant takes about 2 and 4 naps a day and at 12 months, they either take one or two naps a day except for when they are ill. By 6 months, most children can sleep through the night and no longer need aids to fall asleep.


When do Babies learn to fall asleep alone?

The key to getting your baby to learn how to fall asleep alone is by creating a sleeping routine such as lullabies, book reading, and rocking before bedtime is very essential. However, learning how a baby can fall asleep alone is an important skill you can help your baby imbibe when he or she is about 4 months old.


Conclusion: How to get my baby to sleep alone

Getting your baby to sleep alone does not happen once. It is a continuous thing. With consistency and the right sleep routine, in no time, your baby will be used to sleeping on his own. Also, be informed about why your baby won’t sleep alone. This will help you to narrow down the problem and be able to proffer the right solution.


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