How to swaddle baby with arms up

How to swaddle baby with arms up: swaddling is an advantageous age-long practice that has proven beneficial to babies. It not only allows your baby to stay calm, but also helps her to stay safe and secure. In fact, babies like swaddling because it creates the womb-like feeling they’ve been used to. In short, there are several good reasons for swaddling.

However, knowing how to swaddle your baby the right way can be intimidating at times. Most especially if you are a first time mom. And, considering the dangers attached to swaddling your baby the wrong way, you definitely want to get things right.

So, How do you swaddle your baby with arms up? Should swaddling be done with the arms up? Should the arms be down? What is the best way to swaddle your baby? We will be providing answers to these questions and more in this guide. Read on to find out more.


How to swaddle baby with arms up

As we have already mentioned, swaddles are very beneficial. But, the fact is, your baby cannot be in a swaddle forever.

You have to transition him or her out of the swaddle into a sleepsuit or sleep sack. Although this might be difficult at the start, the best way to go about this is to use the arms up technique.

In addition, we also find out that babies who do not like the arms down swaddling, prefer this type of swaddling. This is because it is less restrictive. Here is how to go about swaddling with your baby’s arms up.

Step I:

Lay the swaddle blanket on a flat surface, so that it forms the shape of a diamond. After this, fold the far end corner of the diamond to the middle. This is to ensure that the swaddle becomes small, mainly because a little part of your baby’s body and arms have to be out.

If you are familiar with the arms down swaddling technique, you will notice that you will have a deeper fold using this method.

Step II:

Put your baby on the muslin, with his or her upper back on the fold you have made. In this position, your baby’s shoulders, head, and neck will be above the fold. After this, pull the flaps of the blanket and ensure that it goes right below your baby’s armpits.

Step III:

Pull up the left corner of the swaddle blanket and ensure that it goes over your baby’s chest. Tuck it behind your baby’s right-hand side by lifting his arms gently. Now, instead of putting your baby’s arm down when using the arms down technique, lift up the arms away from the wrap.


Step IV:

Lift the bottom of the blanket up and place it in the middle of your baby’s stomach. Ensure to pull it securely around your baby’s leg and leave enough room for him to move his legs.

Step V:

Wrap your baby’s stomach with the right corner of the swaddle, and securely tuck it under his left side, while holding his hands up away from the tuck.


Is it Ok to swaddle baby with arms up?

Basically, this depends on your preference and the needs of your little adorable. While some babies like the arms up swaddling, others do not. In fact, some don’t even like to be swaddled.

So, basically, it has to do with what your baby is comfortable with. Both methods are with their various advantages, which can be beneficial to your baby.

Therefore, if your baby feels comfortable swaddling with his or her arm up, then go for it. Bottom line is, having your baby’s arm out of the swaddle blanket is safe.

In fact, it is the working magic for babies who try to fight their way through all the time.

How do I know if my baby doesn’t want to be swaddled?

That your baby cannot talk at this age does not mean he or she cannot communicate his or her needs. Your baby will talk to you at this stage through his or her actions or body language.

Therefore, if you are trying to swaddle your baby and he or she is fussy, crying incessantly, and squirming, then your baby is saying something. “I don’t want to be swaddled anymore” “I don’t want to be swaddled at this time.”

As a parent, it is important to pay attention to details. Assumptions are very risky. So, once you notice these signs and many others, your baby might not want to be swaddled.


How many hours should a baby be swaddled?

Basically, the number of hours your baby can use in a swaddle depends on the age. According to research, we found out that most newborns enjoy being snuggled in a swaddle for 12-20 hours a day.

But, as he or she grows older, the number of time spent in the swaddle must reduce. This will make the transition out of the swaddle very easy.

You can gradually reduce this time, till your baby transitions out of the swaddle totally. We support the use of swaddles for your baby’s nap time and sleep time till he or she is around 3-4 months.


When to stop swaddling

Swaddles are very good for newborns, but as time goes on, and your baby begins to grow, it can be dangerous to use.

This is because older babies can easily break out. In fact, it can interfere with the development of your baby. Mainly because it stops your baby from practicing appropriate motor skills.

So, you might begin to wonder, at what age should you stop swaddling your baby? Well, we believe that once your baby becomes active and begins to move his or herself, you can consider quitting swaddling.

Most times, this usually happens between 3-4 months. At this age, you can discontinue the use of swaddles and transition your baby to a better sleep item, such as sleepsuits and sacks.

These items are good for your baby, and they add an extra layer of warmth. In fact, most of these sleep items come with features that make it easy for your baby to transition from a swaddle.


Conclusion: How to swaddle baby with arms up

Swaddling your baby with arms up is very advantageous, most especially if you are looking to transition your baby out of the swaddle blanket soon. Also, moms with active babies who don’t want to be restricted can also use this technique.


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