Slimming Tea for breastfeeding mothers – Safe or unsafe?

Slimming Tea for breastfeeding mothers – Safe or unsafe?Slimming Tea for breastfeeding mothers – Safe or unsafe?: As a mom, there is every possibility that you will gain more weight after childbirth.

This is due to a lot of reasons. Most time it could be because you do not have enough exercise, your diet is good, or for some biological reasons. According to researches and surveys, we discovered that at this period, a lot of moms are not comfortable with this weight gain.

And, for this reason, they are desperate to lose weight as fast as possible. For many moms, this is where the idea of slimming tea comes in.

Slimming Tea for breastfeeding mothers – Safe or unsafe? Are there any side effects? Do we have alternative ways to lose weight asides from using slimming tea? Are there are good teas for breastfeeding moms? You are going to find out all these details and more in this article.


What happens if I take diet pills while breastfeeding?

The majority of breastfeeding moms are often worried about the fact that whatever they eat or drink could affect their baby in one way or another.

This ideology is valid and true. It is important to know that small fractions of whatever you consume or drink could enter your breast milk or interfere with your breastfeeding.

Some pills are safe for breastfeeding moms while some are not. In this situation, you really need to be sure of what you consume. For slimming tea and pills, we do not recommend them.

This is because they have a lot of side effects that can affect you and your baby. We advise that you stay away from them. If you wish to lose weight, you can consult a dietician to make a plan for you.

How can I lose my baby fat while Breastfeeding?

What then can I do to lose weight if sleeping pills or teas are not recommended? For moms asking this question, here are our 5 tips on how to lose weight while breastfeeding.

1) Drink Plenty of water every day:

We advise you to drink at least 8 glasses of water every day. Whether you are trying to lose weight or not, this is good for your health, most especially as a breastfeeding mom. This is because water does the following:

  • Helps shed off unwanted pounds of weight
  • Aids digestion, circulation, Homeostasis, Milk production, etc.
  • It helps to keep your muscles active and working.

2) Practice Moderate Exercise:

If you really want to lose some weight while breastfeeding, you have to do some moderate exercises. You do not need to hit the gym or engage in some strenuous exercises.

We advise you to engage in light exercises. This is because strenuous or extreme exercises can affect your body’s ability to produce milk.

3) Get enough Sleep:

We cannot overstate the importance of sleep. In short, sleep is essential. It is just as important as diet or exercise. Although, it can be quite difficult to get enough sleep as a breastfeeding mom.

But it is a necessity to sleep. In fact, studies have shown that we can associate weight gain with a lack of sleep. Therefore, we recommend you get at least 7 hours of sleep every night. Or you could cultivate the habit of napping whenever your baby does if your baby is one who does not sleep through the night.


4) Eat a healthy diet

Once you begin to exercise, you definitely need to increase your calorie intake. This is to ensure that your body gets all the nutrients it needs to support milk production. Ensure to take enough fruits and vegetables, lean protein, healthy fats, etc.

In addition to this, we believe at this stage good multivitamin is also a MUST have. It is essential. They will surely help you cover for any bases as far as nutrients are concerned.

You might also want to consider a food whey protein. We consider this key. As far as we are concerned, we will suggest MRM Natural Whey. This protein is completely safe for you as a breastfeeding mom, and it is free of all chemicals that must protein powder contain.

Also you can take fish oil supplements. They are safe, and will help you to promote a healthy metabolism and weight loss anytime you exercise.


5) Breastfeed frequently:

Research shows that breastfeeding can help to lose post-pregnancy weight. But, the issue is that the amount of weight lost varies. When you breastfeed frequently, you tend to burn about 500-700 calories per day.

If you plan to lose weight using this method, we advise that you follow your doctor’s recommendations. This is to know how many calories you need to take on a daily basis.



What kind of tea is safe while breastfeeding?

As we have earlier mentioned, a small percentage of whatever you eat or drink has a way of getting to your breast milk. So, it is important to be careful about what you consume.

If you are a mom who loves to take tea, we consider green tea safe. This is because it contains anti-oxidants. However, if you will be taking green tea, ensure that it is caffeine-free.

This is because caffeine can affect your baby if you do not consume the right proportion. It can get him or her irritable or have trouble sleeping.

In addition, caffeine can stay longer in the baby’s system than in an adult. If you will be taking caffeine at all, ensure that you do not do more than 300mg. We consider this safe and will not affect your baby.

What can you not do while breastfeeding?

To ensure that your baby is safe, you must be sure to avoid the following while breastfeeding.

  • Alcohol:

It is unsafe to drink alcohol while breastfeeding. This includes wine, beer, liquor, and wine coolers. However, if you do drink alcohol ensure that you don’t take more than two drinks in a week. Also, wait for at least 2 hours after you take any drink before breastfeeding.

  • Cigarette

Nicotine is the substance present in cigars. It is very harmful to the health of your baby. This can make your baby fussy, it can reduce your milk supply, or even make it difficult for your baby to sleep.

In addition to this, also avoid your baby inhaling second-hand smoke. This is because it can cause lung and breathing problems. Research shows that babies of smokers are susceptible to SIDS to babies of non-smokers.

If you smoke, we advise that you smoke as little as possible. Also, ensure that you stay far away from your baby when smoking.

  • Heroin and Cocaine:

Hard drugs are dangerous to the health of your baby if ingested through breast milk. It can affect your baby in a lot of ways. This could cause problems with brain development, and some other severe issues. Please stay away from drugs.

Conclusion: Slimming Tea for breastfeeding mothers—Safe or unsafe?

To sum everything up, we believe strongly that slimming tea for breastfeeding mothers is not ideal. Breast milk is still the best food you can give to your baby in his or her first year of life. In fact, even when they begin to take solid, they might still do some breast milk.

Therefore, ensure to stay away from harmful substances that can affect your baby. In addition, always ensure to seek the counsel of a healthcare practitioner before you take any drug.

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