What Baby Monitor Should I get?

what type of baby monitor should i getConsidering the different types of baby monitors available in the market today, you might have been wondering and asking “what baby monitor should I get for my baby?”

This question stands valid, and it is one that every parent who wants the best should ask. This question is born out of a heart of love and affection towards your little adorable.

And if that is the case, we believe you deserve to have the best answer you can get. So, we can boldly tell you that you are on the right page for information. We have written this article to provide answers to the subject, and also to address the relevant question that relates to the subject. So, without further ado, let’s get started.

What are the types of baby monitors?

Due to Technological advancement, several baby monitors have evolved over time. These monitors are sometimes are an upgrade of the previous versions or a fresh development entirely.

The reason for the evolution of new baby monitors is to enhance security and also to improve user experience. The different baby monitors are:

  • Audio Baby Monitors

This baby monitor is probably the oldest form available in the market. Audio-only baby monitors as the name implies provides you with audio feedback from your baby’s room.

The operation of this type of monitor is very easy. All you have to do is place the pickup base in your baby’s room, and the receiver in your own room.

As technology advances, this monitor began to see several upgrades to its features. Currently, this baby monitor comes with two-way audio.

This allows you to communicate to your baby from the comfort of wherever you are. So far, you are within the specified range.

An example of this monitor is the VTech DM111 Audio Baby Monitor

  • Video Baby Monitors:

This is an upgrade of the Audio Baby monitors, because it provides you with audio and visual feedback of happenings in your baby’s room.

At the inception, all this baby monitor can do is just provide you with an audio and visual feed. But over time, it has seen several upgrades to its features.

Most video baby cams today come with several features such as the temperature sensor, night vision, etc. In fact, some of them today leverage wireless connections so that you can monitor your little adorable through your smartphone or computer.

An example is the Infant Optics DXR-8

  • Movement Monitors

The goal of baby monitors is one. To help you keep watch over your baby from time to time. And as we have earlier mentioned, due to technological advancements, these monitors have seen newer concepts.

One of these amazing concepts is the movement of baby monitors. They design these monitors to go under your baby’s clothing or under his or her bedding materials.

If there is anything unusual around your baby, the monitor notifies you immediately. It helps you monitor your baby’s breathing, helps you know if your baby is tangled in her bedding materials, etc. An example is the Babysense Under-the-mattress Baby Movement monitor

  • Smartphone as baby monitors

There are some applications from verified sources that allow you to monitor a camera-equipped device. These devices may include tablets or smartphones.

This type of monitor uses Wi-Fi or Bluetooth to link the camera to the app on your smartphone. The ability to do this means you can do this at a distance.


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How do I choose a baby monitor?

If you are looking to choose the best personal audio or video assistant for your use as a mom, there are some key features you must put into consideration. These features will help guide you in choosing the best.

  • Choose a model with at least a frequency of 900 MHz or higher:

This feature is very important as it helps reduce the possibility of interference, and it also helps ensure that you get quality audio and video signals at the receiver.

  • Excellent Battery life

If you are considering buying a baby monitor, it is important that you ensure to buy one with excellent battery life. This is because your baby monitor will always be on. Therefore, ensure that you select a model that is rechargeable. This will help to avoid running to the store now and then to get a replacement battery.

  • Night Vision:

When it is dark, it might be very hard to get a clear visual feed from your baby’s room. Therefore, for security reasons, we advise you choose a baby monitor that leverages night vision video technology.

  • Sound Activation

A good baby monitor must have this feature. This feature alarms you and turns its speaker on when it detects a cry from your baby’s cry. They have so well designed this feature that it will only turn on at the sound of your baby’s cry.

Do you really need a baby monitor?

As a first-time mom, you might be wondering whether to get a baby monitor or not. Probably because people around you such as your parents managed fine without them.

However, you must have heard the wonderful testimonies of how helpful a baby monitor can be. Well, the fact is, the decision is yours to make. Although we consider the need to get a baby monitor if you fit into the following descriptions.

  • You want to keep tabs on his movements, such as his breathing.
  • If you are transitioning your baby from your room to his room
  • You want to monitor your baby while doing house chores or running errands
  • If you want to check your baby from time to time without having to disturb his sleep

You might not need a baby monitor if:

  • You are co-sleeping with your baby on the same bed
  • A security system is already installed in your house
  • You have someone who is taking care of your baby and watches him from time to time


Conclusion: What Baby monitor should I get?

What monitor to get actually depends solely on your preference and the circumstance involved. In our opinion, we believe that video baby monitors which are also called babycam are the best option.

This is because of their ability to leverage their audio and video system to help you monitor your baby from time to time. Additionally, some of these monitors also feature movement sensors, which help you monitor your baby’s vital signs.


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