When to Start Using Baby Monitor


when to start using a baby monitor

Baby monitors have overtime proved to be a helpful device that has been used to pacify and reduce the stress undergone by both the parents or the caregiver of a newborn baby. But over time, this question of when to start using a baby monitor has somewhat been a concern to most nursing mothers.

You love your children and you desire to give them a hundred percent attention (100%) attention. But time and work wouldn’t allow you to have such a time. Especially when you have had a long and busy day at work and you just want to relax with the few times you have before the day breaks.

But unfortunately, you cannot get that rest you deserve. This is because you have to wake up at intervals to go look at your baby. In this situation, the idea of getting a baby monitor is all that comes to your mind. But you only restrained because you do not know when the right time to use a baby monitor is.

If this is the case, you are on the right page. When do you really have to start using a baby monitor? Are baby monitors bad for babies? You will find out all these and more in this article.


At what age should you use a baby monitor?

Using a baby monitor is very helpful in keeping tabs on your newborn baby when he or she is asleep. It is helpful to you as a nursing mother to know when your baby can fall asleep on his own or he is in between his sleeping cycles.

Thus, the question of what age to use a baby monitor for your baby sets in. There is no specific age at which you should start using a baby monitor. But we recommend using a baby monitor when your baby is old enough to sleep on his or her own. This helps you to save the stress of having to visit his or her room at intervals to check up on him or her.


Are Baby Monitors Bad for Babies?

Baby monitors are helpful but can prove dangerous to the health and life of your baby. How you ask?. Baby monitors are not bad for a baby in their sense. But how you connect the monitor can pose be a dangerous device to your baby.

Once you install a baby monitor in your house, you need to keep watch for loose or cut wires. This can be harmful when you allow your baby to wander about the house and thus cause the baby to either put the wires in the mouth. You can prevent this by ensuring that you cover all loose ends with tapes and also ensure to keep all wires out of your baby’s reach.


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Should I leave my baby monitor on all night?

As you already know, baby monitors are every mom’s personal assistant, but the fact is, you cannot use the baby monitor forever. A time will come when you have to do away with the monitor.

We believe if your baby is a newborn; it is important to leave the monitor on overnight. This is because, at this stage, your baby has not developed the capacity to sleep through the night.

In fact, at this stage, you will need to wake up intermittently to check up on your baby. And, considering the fact that you are human, and might be too tired to know when your baby cries or needs help, you will need the monitor to notify you.

By four months, your baby should be able to sleep through the night. At this stage, you might not need the service of the monitor that much at night. This is because your baby is learning to cycle between light and deep sleep.

The bottom line is when your baby is 3-4months, you can turn off the baby monitor at night.


When can you leave a baby in the room with a monitor? 

According to the doctor’s recommendation, the ideal age to move your baby to their own nursery is 6-12 months. This is to help promote a sustainable and healthy sleep pattern.

We believe this is the ideal time to leave your baby alone in the room with a monitor. At this age, your baby would have fully learned how to cycle between light and deep sleep, and also to sleep on their own.



The choice of when to use a baby monitor is all up to you. You can use a monitor when your baby is a newborn, or when he or she is 6-12months. It is all up to you. But knowing fully well the advantages attributed to the use of a baby monitor, it is what you definitely want to get.




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